8 Tips On How To Treat "Flu"

1. Build up resistance with nutritious food.
2. Wash hands before eating and after coming from toilet. Use own toilet articles and handkerchief.
3. Avoid crowds and people who cough or sneeze carelessly.
4. Guard against overfatigue and chilling.
1. Stay in bed and take large quantity of liquids, especially citrus drinks.
2. Call a doctor as soon as you have fever and aches in limbs and back.
3. Have tepid sponge bath if your temperature runs high.
4. An ice-bag on the head may give some relief for your headache.

Neglect of a cold or flu may result in the more serious pneumonia. This is a serious communicable disease of the lungs caused in most cases by an organism called pneumonococcus.

Initial symptoms are chills and a sharp rise in temperature. Frequently following these are a stabbing pain in the sides, cough, headache and fatigue:
1. Avoid contact with pneumonia patients.
2. Keep warm when you have a very bad cold.
3. Observe good personal hygiene.
4. Have enough rest, sleep and nourishing food to build up body resistance.
5. Consult a doctor when your cold persists.

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