11 Tips To Keep Your House Safe While You Are Away

1. Shut off electricity and gas; disconnect all appliances.
2. Bring down curtains, draperies and store them.
3. Close all windows, making sure they cannot be forced open.
4. Lock all doors and secure other possible points of entry.
5. Lock all closets and cabinets, especially those where valuables are stored.
6. Dispose of perishable food.
7. Discard inflammable material such as old newspapers, cleaning fluids, varnishes, etc., and don't leave matches lying around.
8. Check all faucets, and shut off water connection.
9. Protect from dust with newspapers or dust sheets your furniture, beds and those which can't be stored away.
10. Clean the house, and spray with insecticides to minimize pest infestation.
11. Leave duplicate key of the house to a trusted neighbor for emergency purposes.

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