11 Tips On How To Keep Children Safe

1. Always keep medicines in a locked cupboard, out of the reach of children.
2. Never tell children that medicine-----even if it tastes good-----is candy.
3. Never transfer hazardous substances to soda bottles or jars where they might be mistaken for soft drinks or other edibles.
4. Never leave hazardous substances unattended when they are within reach of children.
5. Never store substances such as polishes and bleach in a place accessible to children.
6. Teach your child not to run into the street between parked cars. This is the most common cause of accidents involving children.
7. Don't let children play at construction sites at any time. They can be injured or killed.
8. Teach your child to be wary of strangers, especially in summer months when parks are crowded.
9. Don't buy too fancy a bike for your child; it will attract thieves.
10. Be careful of open windows. Install window guards.
11. Talk over possible dangerous situations with your child before they happen, and decide on the safest behavior. Have fire drills in your house.

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