7 Tips On How To Persuade Your Child To Eat

1. Children have keener sense of taste and smell than adults and those under six usually like mild-flavored foods.
2. Children are not gourmets. They are not venturesome regarding foods. As a rule, they do not appreciate subtleties of flavoring.
3. In general, children prefer uncomplicated foods. It was found that a stew in which vegetables and meat were ground and cooked together is more popular among young children than separate pieces of vegetables and meat.
4. Serve slightly less than you think the child is going to eat. This gives the child the advantage of feeling successful even to the point of asking for a second helping.
5. Children show preferences for certain texture. They appreciate some crisp foods in a meal for reasons other than to hear the sound associated with the chewing of crisp-crunchy foods.
6. Stiff or even slightly gummy texture in starchy foods are specially disliked by children. As a rule, children do not eat dry foods easily.
7. Do not force anything in a child. It is always easy to change the food than to change the child.

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