10 Tips On How To Exercise Properly(For Women Only)

1. Vigorous exercise will not hurt a pregnant woman. Exercise, in fact, can help a woman prepare for a more normal birth by strengthening those muscles she must use to help with the birth of her baby. Squatting and stooping exercises are especially helpful.
2. Strenuous sports will not hurt a woman. With few exceptions, women can condition themselves for almost any sport there is. And we may be surprised to find women excelling in competition with men in certain sports.
3. Exercise during menstruation is not harmful. In fact, exercises are often helpful in relieving menstrual cramps and backache. In general, bending and stooping exercises are most helpful to relieve discomfort.
4. Exercises shortly after having a baby will not make the female organs "drop". In fact, the sooner a woman can resume exercises after having a baby, the better her muscle support will be.
5. Exercise will help some women regain bladder control. Many women have delayed "lazy" muscles around the bladder neck that prevent adequate control of their bladder. When they cough, sneeze, laugh or strain, they lose urine involuntarily.

Not every woman with this problem can be cured, but most can be helped. Those whose loss of support is not great enough to require surgery will find definite improvement with specific exercises designed to strengthen these muscles. Ask your doctor to explain these exercises to you.

6. Exercise will help you lose weight, but this is only an adjunct to dieting. A woman cannot depend upon exercises alone to cause weight reduction. If she diets and exercises, her muscles will remain firm and she can avoid the flabbiness that could result from dieting alone.
7. Exercise is especially good for tall women. In addition to giving them the appearance of "radiant health", it will help them to improve their posture, which is often their greatest problem. It helps to prevent "slouching".
8. Exercise does increase the appetite, but it will not increase the weight unless a woman ignores all rules of eating.
9. Exercise will not cause you to "spot-lose" weight. In other words, you cannot lose weight only in one place,whether in diet or exercise. But dieting will help you to lose weight and exercises will help you to build up support and improve posture. Both combine to improve your appearance.
10. Finally, almost anyone can exercise. But make sure you are not the exception by checking with your doctor.

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