25 Tips On How To Stay On A Diet

1. Pick a good diet plan. Make sure you select one that is not only well-balanced, but include food you like. There's no need to eliminate high-caloried favorites if you know how to fit them in.
2. Allow enough time to diet. Crash diets usually depend on changes in water balance for rapid weight loss. You need to lose fat, not water. A one to two pounds a week loss is a sensible rate for both men and women.
3. Set formal goals. Make a chart on graph paper. Fill in your current weight, then a pound less until you get to your desired weight. On the bottom line, fill in the number of weeks it will take to reach your goal. If you're on schedule, you'll have a straight line going diagonally across the chart.
4. Throw out all fattening treats (or give them away). The fewer temptations you have around, the easier it is to resist "just one".
5. Keep busy. If you tend to nibble while watching television, occupy your hands with knitting. Or make up crossword puzzles.
6. Don't expect dieting to be easy. There will be hungry days while you are adjusting to the smaller amounts of food allowed on your diet.
7. Count everything you eat for a few days. You will be surprised to see how quickly calories add up.
8. Take small bites and eat slowly. You will think you are eating more and your stomach will have time to signal when you are full.
9. Eat at least three meals a day. Skipping a meal will make you so hungry that you will more than make up for it at the next meal.
10. Have small meals on small plate. You will think you are eating more than you really are.
11. Avoid lunch and dinner invitations for the first few weeks. The temptations of so much food is usually more than the new dieter can withstand.
12. Trade secrets with a dieting friend. While you wouldn't bore non-dieters with your dieting woes, it is helpful to talk to a kindred spirit.
13. Mark milestone. When you have lost five or ten pounds, get a new girdle to make yourself more shapely.
14. Make a new dress or get out an old favorite that is a size or two too small. It will give you incentive to reach your goal.
15. Stamp out boredom. Plan a whole list of odd jobs. Do one every time you want a snack.
16. Exercise to relax and keep firm as you lose weight.
17. Get eight hours sleep. You will have more will power if you are well rested.
18. Go swimming, play tennis or really active ping-pong once a week, if you can. They are really marvelous exercise and use up extra calories.
19. Weigh yourself at the same time each day because weight varies several pounds from hour to hour. Weigh only once or twice a week so you can see a definite change each time.
20. When the urge for candy arises, suck on a small sour ball (less than 25 calories each).
21. Take a long walk each day after dinner. Plan to go bowling on Saturday instead of to a movie.
22. When you go out to eat, try Chinese food. Many of these dishes are low in calories.
23. Fill up on liquids. Water, black coffee or tea, and low-calorie soda all help fill an empty stomach.
24. Feel like part of the family, even though you are dieting, by serving meals everyone will like.
25. Make a mental note of tips that have helped you the most. Make them daily habits.

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