7 Tips on Proper Hair Care

1. Hair Massage--Massage will do little, if anything, to stimulate hair growth. If you are losing hair, see a doctor for possible medical help, but avoid self-styled "specialists" who offer so-called wonder tonics or cures.
2. Brushing---The old notion that 100 brush strokes a day produces beautiful hair is false. That much brushing may prove injurious, especially with brushes that pull the hair or scratch the scalp. Twelve to 15 strokes daily is usually sufficient.
3. Hair Sprays--Applied properly, most hair sprays will not harm the hair. Excessive use or failure to shampoo, however, can cause it to become dull.
4. Wigs-----Normal wig wearing is not injurious to the hair provided the wig is not too tight, but more shampooing may become necessary because wigs increase scalp perspiration.
5. Permanents-- Despite popular opinion, we have no medical evidence that permanents are ineffective during pregnancy. Women using hair dryers, however, should apply low heat to keep from splitting or otherwise damaging their hair.
6. Cutting-----Although trimming may beautify hair by removing damaged or split ends, cutting does not promote faster growth. Hair grows at the same rate regardless and the rate is largely a matter of heredity.
7. Braiding----Tight or frequent braiding may pull at the hait roots and cause damage. Hair should not be left braided overnight, and rubber bands or tight clips should be avoided.

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