25 Tips On How To Make A Perfect Hair Set

1. For a shaggy, windblown look, finger-comb through for best results.
2. To avoid seperations in the finished set, wind rollers as closely as possible.
3. Expert shaping is a must for wiry, difficult-to-manage hair.
4. Blunt cutting is the method of cutting hair straight across without tapering.
5. Blunt cutting is best suited to fine, limp hair and long, maxi hair.
6. Dramatize a small nose by choosing a styles that creates back interest.
7. For a round face, select a style which has close sides and fullness at the crown.
8. To make a simple cheek curl, dampen hair slightly and tape with hairsetting tape.
9. Do not use regular spray on synthetic wigs, as a spray has a tendency to dull the fibers.
10. Liven up dry, listless hair with a spray enriched with lanolin.
11. To distract attention from a double chin, select a style that sweeps the hair up and off the face.
12. For a smoother set, use end papers.
13. To form tendrils, draw out strands and brush around the fingers.
14. The taper cut refers to the method of removing excess bulk by tapering each strand.
15. A short neck looks longer if hair is swept up and away from the face.
16. Never try to uncurl a synthetic curly wig. The setting has been baked in.
17. When spraying hair, keep the container at least 10 to 12 inches away from the head.
18. To eliminate tangles, brush first and comb through with a large, wide-toothed comb.
19. For a round face, stay away from styles with width at ear level.
20. The tapered cut is ideal for thick, course hair.
21. Soften prominent chin by adding height at the top and fullness at the sides.
22. To brush long hair correctly, hang head down and brush from nape to ends.
23. To wash natural bristle brushes, swish around in soap suds, rinse, and dry face down on a table.
24. Revitalize dry, split ends by rubbing tips with a little conditioner.
25. Always use a special shampoo formulated for your hair type---oily, dry, etc.

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