10 Safety Tips For Biking

1. Be sure the bike's seat is at the right height and is securely fastened.
2. The bell or warning signal is to be used only to tell others of your approach.
3. It is not advisable to carry a passenger on the back of your bicycle. This overloads your bike; it is not well balanced and it may trip over easily.
4. It is courteous not to drive too fast. Riding at a brisk speed, a rider may knock down or bump into a commuter or bystander.
5. It is safe to keep to the right and to turn at corners slowly.
6. Respect the rights of pedestrians, especially if biking on sidewalk is permitted.
7. Always give pedestrians the right-of-way.
8. It is not good and safe to hook your bicycle onto an other bicycle or any vehicle in motion.
9. Obey traffic lights, traffic signs and road markings.
10. Provide a good reflector behind your bicycle so it can be seen well at night.

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