65 Tips On How To Stay Beautiful

1. Don't moan over your small eyes. make them larger with smokey eye-shadow and lots of mascara.
2. Don't settle only for mascara for your eyes if you want them looking extra romantic. They need highlights and shadowing.
3. Don't forget to use highlights on the browbone to "open up" eyes.
4. Remember to put on mascara looking upwards, then downwards, then comb through with a fine-tooth comb to seperate the lashes.
5. Don't forget to use mascara on your lower lashes, for a "finished" look.
6. Don't forget to use an eyelash curler if you wish fluttery lashes.
7. Pluck your eyebrows in the direction of their growth.
8. Use soft, feathery strokes with an eyebrow pencil to fill-in sparse brows.
9. Use castor oil, almond oil, or olive oil if you dream of having thick, long lashes. The process is slow but sure.
10. Sooth your eyes with a refreshing eye bath once in a while.
11. Relax your eyes with ice-cold pads soaked in eye lotion and put your feet up for 10 minutes.
12. Add sparkle to your eyes with eye drops.
13. Keep wrinkles at bay by massaging the eye area with nourishing cream or eye oil. Use the ring finger.
14. Roll your eyes around every morning as a relaxing exercise.
15. Eat a well-balanced diet with lots of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables for lovely hair.
16. Wash your hair regularly with the shampoo recommended for your hair type.
17. Have your hair trimmed every 5-6 weeks to avoid split-ends and also to save the style you're sporting at the moment.
18. Never use harsh nylon or metal combs or brushes on your hair.
19. Don't brush your hair when it's wet. Use a wide-toothed comb to seperate the tangles.
20. Keep all your hair implements scrupulously clean.
21. Remedy the hazards of sunshine, pollution and other damaging agents with regular hair conditioning.
22. Don't over-comb hair because this strips it of natural oils if your hair is dry. It over-activates the oil glands if you have oily hair.
23. Don't backbrush or back-comb your hair.
24. Use a hand cream after washing your hands. Keep jars of hand cream near wash basins.
25. Remember to use rubber gloves when washing up.
26. Eat a well-balanced diet for healthy nails. Take gelatin at least twice a week.
27. Use an emery board or metal file in one direction only.
28. Never bite your nails.
29. Remember to use a pencil when dialing the telephone.
30. Give your feet and toenails regular massage and nourishing.
31. Nourish your nails nightly with hand cream.
32. Try to use the best quality nail files, clippers and scissors.
33. Don't worry if you find you have no time for manicuring. Have very clean nails instead and varnish with clear polish.
34. Don't grow your nails too long, it weakens them.
35. Remember to cut your toenails straight accross. Never shape them.
36. Bear in mind that your breasts need care as well, even though they are covered up. Use body lotion on them.
37. Choose bra that uplifts.
38. Do exercise daily to keep breasts firm and shapely.
39. Be sensible and wear a bra always if you are heavy-chested.
40. Remember that T-shirts are not for heavy-breasted girls, they're for the flatties.
41. Consult your doctor about lumps in your breasts.
42. Don't consider plastic surgery for your breasts, it's expensive; establish your feminity in other ways.
43. Keep your shoulders back and be conscious of your posture at all times.
44. Never wear underwear or trousers that cut into your thighs; besides looking unsightly, it's bad for blood circulation.
45. Give your buttocks a tone-up with a dry bath mitten every morning before you shower.
46. Pinch your buttocks when your bottom is submerged in the long-bath; it reduces cellulite.
47. Apply body lotion on your buttocks after you've showered.
48. Have a regular exercise program for your buttocks.
49. Promote a good posture, whether you're standing or sitting. It helps keep your buttock muscles firm.
50. Don't become complacent about your rear view, you don't see yourself from behind, of course, but lots of other people do.
51. Remember that if you are thin and tall, you should avoid really short hair which could have you looking like a pinhead.
52. Sport medium lenght hair if you are tall and plump, this will give the width you need to look balanced.
53. Don't be upset if you are small and thin, you can sport almost any hairstyle, except, of course, very long hair.
54. Cut your hair to jaw level if you are short and plump. Keep it smooth and sleek, rather than the dolly look.
55. Keep your skin clean and healthy looking by drinking lots of water, eating citrus fruit and green vegetables.
56. Remember that yogurt soothes an upset stomach and relieves constipation.
57. Remember that you can remedy a pale skin tone by including liver, kidney and heart in your diet twice a week at least. It's a slow but sure way.
58. Make a habit of having a good breakfast daily, and see to it that there's protein supply.
59. Never miss a meal. Eat something, a hard-boiled egg, fruit or a large piece of cheese.
60. Have nutritious snacks available easily if you feel you're not up to cooking.
61. Have time for meals and enjoy them. Never rush through mealtime; it's bad for digestion.
62. When buying clothes, remember that the collar or neckline should lie flat without gaping.
63. Never buy sleeveless garments if you have flabby arms.
64. Make a habit of standing, sitting, bending, turning in a garment you are about to purchase.
65. Examine yourself carefully from all angles, in a full-length mirror before you invest in any clothes item.

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