5 Tips On How To Relax Your Eyes

1. Roll the head clockwise five times then counter-clockwise five times. Repeat until neck muscles feel free.
2. Close the eyelids, picture a small circle. Concentrate on the circle and follow the circumference clockwise ten times,then counter-clockwise ten times,moving the head slowly. Repeat until strain is relieved.
3. Close the lids, cross the palms, gently hold the palms over the eyes for five minutes. The warmth and energy from the palms refresh the eyes.
4. Close the lids, sit or lie down, place cold tea bags over the eyes for as long as possible.
5. Fix a position on a wall, blink at it twenty times, close the lids, move the head as far as possible, then to the center and again blink twenty times. Now turn the head as far left as possible and repeat the procedure ten times.

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