11 Tips To Remember To Avoid Basic Problems Of Your Baby

1. Babies are not born with bad habits.
2. While there are approximate expected ages when babies can accomplish some activities like using the spoon, drinking from the cup, sitting on the "potty", or calling out when he wants to void urine, not all babies may follow these tables or standards. There may be normal variations. It is observed that children may not be ready to be trained at the same age.
3. A child is not ready for training until he has reached a certain stage of physical, mental and emotional development.
4. Therefore parents need not "expect too much" nor "too soon".
5. Scolding, embarrasing or nagging will not hasten what parents expect.
6. Some upsetting or frightening experience may delay or put a setback to baby's training. Examples are the departure of a close member of the family or even a maid; an illness; an accident.
7. Discontinue trying a procedure if it proves to be tedious or uninteresting or annoying; then try again later.
8. Expressions or words of disappointment or displeasure may be discouraging to the child and he may detect or sense it, no matter how small he may be.
9. Conversely, cheerful encouraging words or actions may help the child to do better.
10. Pampering and giving in to the child's wishes and whims may delay control of his bowels or bladder.
11. An understanding, sympathetic, reasonable guidance is important.

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