6 Tips On Buying Cemetery Lots

1. Visit several cemeteries. Ask your minister for suggestions. Don't buy sight unseen.
2. Don't buy too big a plot. When children leave home, they may prefer to make their own arrangements.
3. Some cemeteries offer undeveloped sites at lower prices. If you should need a grave before development is complete, you can turn in your lot on a developed one and receive credit for what you paid.
4. Have in writing the percentage of the price that will go into the fund for endowed care. Make sure that this fund is under the management of a bank or trust company, not just on deposit. If the cemetery's board of trustees manages the fund, be sure they are reputable citizens.
5. Don't buy in a proposed cemetery unless you are positive the organizers are reputable local citizens. Out-of-town promoters sometimes skip with the money.
6. Buying a cemetery lot intelligently boils down to this: make the purchase before the actual need, and check all legal and financial angles as carefully as you would in buying a house.

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