10 Tips On How To Prevent Pinworms Among Your Children

1. The secret is in careful follow-through. A number of excellent worm remedies are available, but they are of little use if rigid sanitary practices are not applied at the same time.
2. Treat not only the children who are infected with worms, but also others in the family with whom they have been in contact.
3. Stress clean hands. Keep fingernails free of dirt and cut them close.
4. Wash the children's anal area daily with soap and water, particularly in the morning, as worms may have passed out during the night.
5. Itching is one of the main symptoms of pinworm infection, so children may scratch themselves in the anal area, and later absent-mindedly put their fingers in their mouths or handle food.
6. Prevent scratching during the night by putting the children in pajamas or other sleeping garb closed at the rear.
7. Wash bed linens frequently----at least every few days----in hot water and soap until the threat of worm reinfection is past.
8. Scrub toilet seats daily. Have the children use separate towels and wash them often.
9. Syrups containing either pyrvinium pamoate, piperazine citrate or stibazium iodide are among the useful pinworm remedies available.
10. Careful attention to the rules of sanitation given here should eliminate most recurrences of the worm problem.

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