16 Safety Tips On Mountain Climbing

1. Never go alone. The safe number is four so that in case of an accident, one can stay with the injured and the other two can go for help.
2. Wear proper climbing boots that are comfortable and not slippery.
3. Take along warm clothing.
4. Take along reserve rations.
5. Take survival aids----a whistle, first-aid kit and a flashlight.
6. Take a map and compass.
7. Plan walks carefully. Work out exactly where you are going to climb and make route lists.
8. Check the weather forecasts. On high ground, mist and rain can close in with a frightening speed.
9. Turn back if the weather deteriorates or if a route is proving too much for a companion or for the group.
10. Stay together whatever happens--unless, say, someone has an accident and one person must stay while the others go for help.
11. Always leave word where you are going and when you expect to return.
12. Keep to your planned route and schedule.
13. Know what to do in an emergency.

1. Paths. Many mountain tracks are not shown on the map but do use those you find heading in your direction.
2. Easy slopes. To climb or descend, choose where the contours are well spaced rather than attack steep grass, rocks and scree on closed pack contours.
3. Ridges. The best walking always lies along the skyline where the main height has been gained and there is less distance to climb on the ups and downs of a horizon's crest. The footing is often short turf and the views are fantastic.

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