7 Household Tips For Young Brides

Following are some tips on maintaining a clean and attractive home which the young couple can be proud of:

1. Have a well-organized cleaning closet instead of arranging cleaners haphazardly on a shelf. For instance, have items that you need for daily cleaning on the front where they are most accessible; those for weekly usage, behind.
2. Save steps. For cleaning a room or a major chore, have everything needed---sponges. cloths, cleaners, brushes----in a handy tote basket or recycled supermarket shopping bag. For litter, tuck in a paper or plastic bag.
3. Have your clean-up priorities. Straightening up of bedrooms and living room , and cleaning of kitchen-dining areas and the bathroom must be done daily. For easy bathroom care, use a multi-surface cleaner that is also a disenfectant.
4. Protective mats or rugs at entrances will minimize tracking in of dirt into the house. Keep a rubber or fiber doormat outside where gritty soil or mud is a problem.
5. Cleaning equipment and electrical appliances perform best when they are clean and in good working condition. See that your brushes, mops, scrubbers are regularly washed; and the appliances regularly maintained so they will be less apt to break down when you least expect it.
6. Familiarize yourself with products in the market which can help you most, such as those which can do more than one job at a time. There are liquid cleaners which also disenfect to leave cleaned surfaces germ-free. Wax polishes clean, beautify and give wax protection.
7. Read product labels carefully, buying the ones that suit your needs. The right products can cut down on the time and work needed, leaving you more leisure time for living.

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