8 Tips On How To Attain Your Physical Well-Being

1. What you eat today influences your health tomorrow. Eat nourishing foods. Stay away from fatty foods. Boil, bake or grill-----never fry.
2. Do not eat when you are angry. Uncontrolled hostility at meal times turns food sour and brings ulcers and heart problems.
3. Tension and worry bring emotional and physical illnesses. Do relaxing exercises, take brisk walks. Get your mind off your work, your problems.
4. Follow the advice of Edmond Samuels; placidity prevents acidity.
5. Rest is important but too much rest is harmful. Regulate sleep.
6. Loss of energy is due to boredom and laziness. Take on challenges, new interests. Find life and live life. Enjoy life.
7. Conserve energy. Give out a little at a time. Apply discipline and do every job with love and enthusiasm.
8. You can avoid physical illnesses by right thinking, right eating and right living. Avoid stress and strain. Think health, not sickness. take charge of your mind and your mind will take charge of your body.

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