12 Safety Tips For Pedestrians

1. Stop and look for approaching vehicles. Do not stop suddenly behind a parked vehicle, or from any point where your view of the roadway is obscured.
2. At corner streets where there is a traffic policeman, follow his "go" signal, and look for turning cars.
3. Do not cross the streets where crossing is prohibited.
4. Remain on the sidewalk when walking. Do not stop on the street space that belongs to vehicles.
5. When walking along a roadway where there is a sidewalk, walk on the left side of the roadway facing the approaching traffic.
6. When crossing a street, do not pat attention to anybody who whistles at you or calls your name out.
7. Do not walk in the middle of the street.
8. While crossing a street, don't read newspaper, txt messages on your celphone or obscure your view with an umbrella.
9. Always cross a street briskly but do not run.
10. Accustom yourself to using painted or marked crosswalk and safety islands.
11. Do not alight from moving bus or car.
12. At night, be sure drivers can see you. Wear or carry something light in color or colors that are noticeable when the lights are focused on you.

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