7 Tips On How To Become More Energetic

There are hundreds of ways of being more energetic; here are a few gathered from those who do it successfully:

1. Don't waste your energy on petty jealousies or worries at home or at work----only you will suffer.
2. If you hate housework, or gardening, or cleaning the car, give yourself a time limit and stop as soon as you reach it. Next time, try and do it faster.
3. Be honest with yourself: if you're overweight, do you really eat like a bird? A vulture? Plan a diet and keep to it. No one who is overweight is really energetic.
4. If it's a beautiful day, drop everything as soon as you can and get outside. Lovely weather makes everyone feel happy and energetic.
5. If you feel depressed and lethargic, get up and do something. Almost any physical work will make you feel better.
6. If you've always wanted to write a book, to learn a language, or take up yoga, do it today.
7. Remember, the reason most people have no energy is because they don't do enough. Television has become the most popular leisure activity, but there are exciting things happening this side of the screen, too. Or as one wit put it, remember the alternative channel----LIFE.


manki said...

tips are precisable and lovely to implement in the life. every tips has its own importance.everyone must apply tips in their life. thanks for tips...

Sujeet Kumar said...

these tips are really very nice and i have been practicing them for a long time these are very benificial.